The History of Hopton's Village Hall

There have been several village halls in Hopton. The first was more of a “village room” situated on the old C600 (Lowestoft Road), and was managed by Hopton Parish Council. This became too small for the expanding community and in March 1974 a Deed of Exchange was entered into with Moodys Holiday Village for their site and buildings.

The Moody’s site was off Station Road, where the Health Centre and current village hall are situated. However, back in 1974 there were two halls on this site. The first was a small hall that could hold around 30 people. It had no toilet or catering facilities (other than a kettle in the corner), but the hall was well used by local groups. The land also housed a number of outbuildings mainly used for storage purposes. The larger of the two halls was a three sectional building, used over the years as the dining hall for Moody’s Holiday Camp, and a mess hall during WW2.

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